Message From Our CEO – Custom Sports Apparel Manufacturing

Delivering Custom Sports Apparel with Passion and Innovation

As CEO of Gloed Industries, I’m driven by a lifelong passion for sports and innovation in apparel manufacturing. For over a decade, our mission has been empowering athletes and fans globally through customized sports apparel they can play their hearts out in.
My own journey started locally here in Sialkot, Pakistan, a city famed for specialized manufacturing. After recognizing the potential to merge high-quality local production with the latest fabric and garment technologies for the world’s major sports, Gloed Industries was born. 

Vertically Integrated Custom Manufacturing

We’ve purpose-built our facilities and operations to enable design, development and delivery of diverse customized sports apparel efficiently. Our integrated manufacturing brings quality control while our supply chain resources enable global fulfillment.
By leveraging digital processes like 3D design, sublimation printing and B2B ecommerce, our agile manufacturing can meet the evolving needs of wholesale buyers. But we never lose sight of the passion that goes into every piece of gear.

Driven by Our Sports Passion

As fans ourselves, we’re deeply invested in fulfilling the diverse needs of each sport we serve. I enjoy immersing myself in the latest material innovations and studying trends in team identities and fan styles to spark new ideas. Our shared enthusiasm ensures clients always receive both apparel expertise and true personal passion.

Committed to Customers and Community

Ultimately though, it’s our community here that makes this all possible. I’m proud that our workplace culture empowers employees to develop their full potential so they can deliver their very best for customers. And we actively ensure our operations give back through vocational training and community development.
If you’re seeking more than just a manufacturer but rather a true partner who will transform your vision into reality with passion and purpose, I hope you’ll consider Gloed Industries. We’re ready to deliver.
Asif Javed, CEO