On behalf of Gloed Industries, I heartily welcome you & highly appreciate your interest in our Products range. We take pleasure in presenting you our Sport ware, Paintball, fashion Wear, Workwear and a huge variety of gloves. Wholeheartedly, It’s an honor to dedicate this achievement to you, Our valued clientage. Without your professional support, encouragement, loyalty & steady flow of innovative intentions, we would not be marking this significant occasion. Gloed Industeries firmly accept the value of improving the productivity, appliance, and satisfaction of corrective operations for both professionals and domestic users. For achieving this core objective, we regularly gauge our existing commodity range. This is the reason to ensure that we are providing prime quality beauty products based on the latest technology & techniques. With this diligence, we would also like to acknowledge the unmatched services of our past & present highly-skilled, seasoned craftsmen workers, competent management & staff members. We wish to offer a modern range of beauty instruments with the aid of the newly uploaded product range. Our new products contain a broad diversity of regularly ordered patterns; we have very carefully selected regularly used items for these guides. All the compatible selected items are based on the core group of popular required instruments that most professional beauty salons and domestic users, use on daily basis. We wish that new product guidelines will be obliging for you in picking your requirements. May our product range also give new inspiration to our trade partners globally in further enhancing their business activities. Please accept my profound appreciation for your backing of our Company. Your support means the world to us.


Asif Javed CEO